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collate notepad file to excel file? Answered

Basically i use to collate the data with the help of this batfile command as below copy *txt link.xls i need a help to copy the numbers of txt file to collate in a single excel file with the below specifictions. I have number of text file that text files has its repective name,what i want to do is to collate the set of text files to a single excel file with the column to be added in the excel file with the respective text file names.



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12 years ago

how many text files, and how much data? You have a non-normalized set of flat files, and need to make a good table of data. Office has 'import data' but you can only use one data source, as far as I know. It imports 'delimted' or 'fixed width' data into columns A carriage return means 'next record' and each delimiter such as a comma is a new data item. Is it quicker to copy/paste the data? How do your text files look now? Can you paste an example? Is it easier to regenerate the information in the text files? Are they formulaic?