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comments to Answers forum topic disappear Answered

Several times over the past few days, I have tried to reply to a particular question on the Answers forum, specifically the question linked here:


I write a comment in the little editor-box-thing.  Then when I click the "Make comment" button,  and the text of the comment I just wrote disappears.  Voop! It's gone!  Then my disappeared comment does not become posted to this topic.

Where did the text I just wrote go to?  Did it go somewhere?  Or is really and truly gone from this universe?  That is assuming I did not save a copy of it to a clipboard, or text editor first.  Yeah.  Big mystery, right?

I kind of suspect there is something wrong with just this particular topic:


Just ask yourself why an easy question like this, is somehow 4 days old, with zero answers (and zero comments total) so far.  Is no one, besides me,  trying to comment on, or answer, this easy question?  Please feel free to try to post a comment there yourself, just to see what happens.

Possibly the topic is activating your filters, because it has a bad word in it:  Three letters.  Starts with "g".  I have heard rumors you all are running some crazy filters to try to protect users here from reading bad words, and perhaps from  writing bad words too!

Also because you always strongly suspect the problem is with my computer (and maybe it is)  I must tell you the browser I am trying to do this with is:

Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit)  and that is Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu.

and, uh, it looks like I am running it under: Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)

I thank you for your attention to this matter, and I applaud your efforts to make Instructables less buggy.



2 years ago

Thanks for finding this! It turns out we were doing a database upgrade exactly when that comment was posted, and it was saved incorrectly. It should be fixed, and allow replying now!


2 years ago

I concur and PM the author directly.

Regarding "g" it also failed a simple "Test" publish.. Sorry for some people that got a Test answer but that's a result of freaky code days :-)

I get the impression programming improvements are going at a terrific rate and its easy to slip a branch when needed statement in there..

Were I one of these programmers (code punchers) I would naturally worry about when we finish the task and my employment :-/


Reply 2 years ago

BTW, Please release my email after some overeaching software sent a do not email message to your robot (This has happened before) I will leave DuckDuckGo who I suspect is messing my mail...

Best Regards,



Reply 2 years ago

Thank you very much it is working again :-)

Jack A Lopeziceng

Reply 2 years ago

So that means it's safe to say(write) the words, "hot glue gun" out loud?

How about "0.44 caliber glue sticks"? Can I say that? I swear, that's the size ammo my hot glue gun (HGG) takes. Well, the documentation did include the word, "caliber", but it said 0.44 inches diameter, and I think that is actually the same thing.


Well, I'm glad it, the bug, is not that we can't talk(write) about guns here.

Anyway, I sent unto Super_Me, a PM including most of what I tried to write in my "answer". I also politely informed him (I'm guessing he's a him) about how his Answers topic broke the instructables web site. Ha!


Jack A Lopezseamster

Reply 2 years ago

Hey. Thanks for the reply, and thanks for pointing out the previous bug report. If I had noticed the previous report, I would have just gone there to post, "Me too."