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compatable or not, film/digital Answered

i want to sell my old film cameras, then buy dslr, just want to know if my old lenses and flash can be used on the new dslr? old cameras are Pentax me Super and Pentax SuperA. i suppose the new 1 will be pentax, if any above work



Best Answer 10 years ago

If the lenses use the same mount, they will be compatible. However, since a DSLR sensor is typically smaller than a 35mm frame, the effective magnification of the lenses will be different (the sensor will only see the center portion of the image). This may actually help in the case of cheap lenses, since they tend to be sharper near the center. Flash is flash. Yes, it will work.


9 years ago

THE FLASH is the imortant thing.

DO NOT USE YOUR OLD FLASH ON YOUR NEW CAMERA. You could fry the electronics. Assuming the old flash has the traditional hot shoe mount with the large contact in the centre you can get a Wein Safe Sync hot shoe to hotshoe adaptor (look here:www.weinproducts.com/safesyncs.htm ) This gadget uses a non electrical/non mechanical interface between your flash and camera. The old flashguns often had a 200 - 600 volt trigger - a digital camera has an approximate 5 volt trigger. I got one for £47 - dear i know -but I got a ring flash for a tenner and a good old Metz Ct4 for thirty quid.

If you do get the Safe Sync you have to use your camera in manual mode I set a 1/125 shutter speed and use the aperture recommended by the flash.

Lens compatibility is one thing. There are charts on the internet showing what levels of compatibility there are. Although most digital cameras do not have the same lens mount as their film counterparts. The exception is Nikon. I have used a 45 year old 50mm f2 Nikkor and a 70's Sun zoom on my D40 in manual mode. Vivalabasura put your Nikon into manual - it does work. The old pentaxes have a K - bayonet mount the same as the new ones so you shouldn't have a problem although there will be no autofocus and I expect you will have to expose manually. probably not worth the bother. You can get quite good 'digital' lenses cheap enough now.

Good luck!


10 years ago

Actually that is not true,well not with all brands.I just wanted to be a little more specific. For instance my nikon dlsr does not work with my 35 mm lenses.While some so.Other models that is. However my flash would not work and the lighting system on the camera is different and I read that it could blow my cameras electrical system.Which makes sense. So while some lines of lenses will work some wont and you get a much different effect,Cuts the distance in half ,edges vignetting ,ect. Lens shake. I think alot of canon lenses can be used on the digital versions. Same thing though. different lines. like the g or f. for example.I found a website that had a list of lenses that did fit, by googleing exactly that.Lenses that fit digitals.. I hope that helps