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compiling code? Answered

I have written several scripts and simple games in python 2.7.2, and would like to give them to friends so they can play them. however, they do not have python, and therefore cant run it, so I need to compile the code. the only problem is, i cant figure out how or to compile it or to get any compiler to work. any help would be appreciated!



7 years ago

Depending on what system you run and what systems your friends run, you have a few different options. Hopefully you haven't already tried these:
  •  py2exe compiles python code into an executable .exe file for Windows. The tutorial seems to have all the necessary information.
  • py2app turns python code into an executable .app file for Macs. The front page explains everything you'd need to do.
  • pyinstaller is probably the best bet in general, since it is cross-platform. The documentation looks like it contains all the necessary info.
Hope this helps! Good luck!