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composter question Answered

Never composted before, but am going to get a 55 gal poly drum. I live in Phoenix, AZ. the thing will probably be in shade most of the time.  Will that get too hot for worms?
How many holes should I make, how close to the bottom and how big?




8 years ago

Just do your best. It needs moisture to rot. I have never lived in a desert. Maybe you need to cover your bin to keep the moisture in?
Damp is good. Totally dry will not rot.
Hopefully someone in a desert area will answer.


8 years ago

I don't think it will get too hot. How will you get the compost out when it is ready?
You need some sort of door.
I think 1/4 inch holes will work. Lots of them. You can drill them. I do not know how many. Maybe 50 or 60 all the way round at the bottom and then some half way up too.
If you put your bin too close to the ground, rodents will try to get in.
They can easily chew through plastic (remember the rabbit in quest for the holy grail?) and rodents love worms so they will try if they have the opportunity.
If it is up on bricks or blocks, they will be too afraid of predators to try.
I built a bottom container under my compost bin and the bottom container is full of worms. (the compost bin itself has fewer worms) but there is wire mesh in the bottom so they can go up or down if they like.
Hope that helps.


Reply 8 years ago

How wet do you have to keep the compost pile? I think Phoenix. AZ is almost desert-like, at least very hot and dry during the day.