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composting amateur Answered

In every article etc i see about composting, the end product is a rich dark soil like substance.I inherited a 3 tier rubber or plastic composter.Appropriate garbage goes in the top where the redworms dwell.The end product is liquid.Is it the nature of the type of composter I have that the result is liquid or am I doing something wrong?


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11 years ago

You're getting anaerobic (without air) decomposition. To make good compost the heap must have a decent amount of air in it and not be too wet. If it's not already covered, cover it to keep rain out (but don't let it dry out entirely). Ideally turn it if you can - take off the top layer, shovel everything out and back in again, then put the top layer (with the worms) back on top. In the garden it's great if you can have two heaps. One is being added to whilst the other is rotting down. Then take out the good compost from the old heap, and fork the newer one into the now empty bin.