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computer speakers for my i pod Answered

I want to use ac powered computer speakers for my i  pod but  i'd like to also use battery power.  can someone tell me how to add that?



8 years ago

Some computer speakers (those designed for laptops) have the option to run off batteries built in. My lady uses a pair of those with her MP3 player.

Cheap speakers are cheap. Might not be worth too much effort to modify.

Quercus austrina

8 years ago

Simplest way is to look at the wall adapter for the voltage and current ratings and use that info to come up with a suitable battery (pack) to use. You should see 2 types of info, Input and Output. Output is what we are looking for, something like 9 VDC 250 mA. This means it is a 9 volt Direct Current (same type as batteries) and can supply 250 milliAmps of current. This particular example would rule out a standard 9 volt rectangular battery because they are normally good for around 170 mA in extended use, so you'd have to use at least AA's or larger.

Then, find a connector just like the one on the wall adapter and wire it up the same way. The norm here is that the center is positive (red wire or plus sign) and the barrel is negative or ground (black wire or minus sign). Check your adapter or paperwork for proper orientation.

Plug it in and viola!, you have battery power.

Should it not work quite right, you may need more current capacity, or most likely a little more voltage. You should be able to add 1 more battery in series with the others to give some voltage headroom. Most amplifiers are fairly tolerant of voltage.