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connect picaxe / computer / internet - budget solution ? Answered

am a newbee to picaxe working with mac soft- and hardware
& i spent a a lot of time looking for the following:

i would like to ...

- transfer in- output data from simple components
(such as a IR LED used for light/dark detection )

- .... via picaxe

- ... to windows and mac computers

in order to ....

- pass them on to a website
or eMail them

i already had a look at ...

- arduino/processing configurations
(e.g. some amazing "twitter" variants
posted on instructables, hack-a-day, etc. ... )

- additional external server projects
(as on this site
- e.g. very impressive webcams
driven by websites and controlled by 'site users ...)

- Nordic RF, Cellular, Zigbee, Bluetooth, XBee
WiFi, FM Transmitter and Receiver, General TX/RX
sending/receiving configurations
(btw. - there is a very interesting comparison
of these on sparkfun --->
http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/128 )

- very elaborate software solutions
(using combinations of php, processing, python
and other scripts)

all of them being highly impressive
and, most important of course: working well

but -
is there any quite easy-to-configure
budget way which does not require ...

- additional, external servers

- platform specific software
(windows/mac/linux only)

- the implementation of several software packages

and runs with e.g. ...

- a 08M2 picaxe (or larger)....

- probably cheap component(s)
(such as the Nordic RF mentioned on sparkfun)

- a minimum of software requirements

- a software/software component which is easy to install
and configure (Visual Basic Macros doesn't seem to run
once i created them via word on my mac)


any hints are highly appreciated ...