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connecting a breakout board to a strip board Answered

Hi.  A basic question; I need to connect a breakout board to a strip board. What is the best method?  PCB Latch plug header?

I have tried putting a wire through the strip board, through the breakout board and then soldering into place, but I do not get good connectivity.  Any help is much appreciated.



5 years ago

I've ruined a few breakout boards by trying to wire directly to them. The are really designed to have you solder on a set of male/female .1 inch header pins to them first. The solder pads are so small and even if you are really careful, the solder might bridge the pad or a millisecond too long with the heat lifts the pad off the board. Get a few strips of male female headers, the male ones are snap breakaway strips of pins and the female headers are cut to the number you need in a row. Ebay is the cheapest to get in bulk. Get some ribbon cable while you are at it, then you can make your own cable assemblies with the male header pins and female header sockets. The headers are what can be soldered onto the breakout board or your strip board. If the solder did not completely flow through and fill the hole, you may have had a bad connection or the board did not plate the hole well to bridge the two sided PCB. Good luck.