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connecting laptop screens? Answered

I have several old laptop screens and I would like to connect them together to show movies in my mancave using a dvd player is this possible



3 years ago

You mean you want to mount the screens edge to edge to make 1 big screen.

This isn't going to be easy,

1 The lap top screen needs a suitable driver, this may be hard to find.

2. You will want a multi output powerful graphics engine that can see all the screens and treat them as a single screen.

3. The definition is likely to be disappointing. You would be FAR better off buying one of the relatively cheap projection systems.


Answer 3 years ago

thanks for the reply but what I actually wanted to do is have the screens around my shed in different positions but all showing the same movie


Answer 3 years ago

That isn't the same as you implied!

Still the same issues apply. The laptop screens need a driver and this will have been on the mother board which you will find hard/impossible to extract. (if you could you would have)

We get asked about using old lap top screens many times but the reality is no.

You will be better off looking for old monitors and running them in parallel - I don't know how many you could run together.

You must have a big shed!