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constructing an a-frame, lean-to roof on a garage Answered

I started framing a lean-to, a-frame roof like a deck (with an a-frame "header" and three joist hangers). The joists are angled at about a 45-degree angle and are perpendicular to the garage (on which I hung the header). There will be two 4x4 posts at the end of the 10'x10' roof.

When I looked for advice about this framing style, I found nothing. Is this going to be stable? I designed the roof this way because I have 6' reclaimed cedar fence panels that will run down the roof like shingles.

Thanks for your help.



7 years ago

see the instructable i made (https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Roof-with-Reclaimed-Cedar-Fencing/)

Don't mind the awful looking kennel and disheveled patio doors to protect the buns from the wind. One day, I hope to make it a more decent-looking greenhouse with those little windows, but I haven't got the energy to remove the wood from around the glass right now, and I could pull them out of the snow and do them downstairs during the winter. :)


7 years ago

Just wanted to add that you live somewhere that gets a good amount of snow in winter so it sounds like snow weight and shedding could be an issue.


7 years ago

Could you include a sketch or diagram of your plans?