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contest voting rules Answered

I am still new to this site and enjoy it very much, I log on every day more than once and utilize 'ables by others on a regular basis. I recently entered the Mothers Day Contest and monitored it closely by votes, hoping, of course, to be a winner. By votes, I finished about 12th (YAY!!) As I waited for the results from the judges, I was a bit confused as to how an instructable (a very good one) from ranking by votes around 30's got to be the winner?? How does the judging work with the votes of the users?



10 years ago

Having won a few contests, I still have not figured out how the judging works. One time it was a random pick from the random picking but I would have to say all the contests were judged in a fair and impartial manner. User votes only count for part of their judgement. User views and popularity would also count as part of their judgement. Since only a small percentage actually say, rate an instructable, and come back during voting after seeing it before the voting session, those factors probably count for a small part. So, there is also input from sponsors, rating on how well the instructable is written, how interesting it is, will it draw new viewers/members, how crazy it is, entertainment value, offbeat or fresh and many other considerations. Some contests are specifically based on user vote or there will be a sponsor's choice but that will be indicated in the rules beforehand. Every contest is different so better luck next time. Enter often and make multiple entries.


Reply 10 years ago

sweet. i kinda figured that there was some all-inclusive considerations, I just wasnt sure what the parameters are for contests. It neat that the sponsors get to help with the contests too, great way to stay involved. I love this website and probably got atleast 15-20 new people to sign up who should be posting their creations anyway because they are all brilliant. I was not disappointed by the contest. I had a great time building my project and my mom loved it. I will definitely be posting more projects, and gearing up my contest entries with some attention grabbing content. Thanks for responding and for the great advice!!