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contests I would like to see... Answered

I am making wishes out loud and hopefully they will fall on some interested ears...

A vegetarian food contest.  Vegetarian food can be so super good, but so often in restaurants the vegetarian option is a regrettable choice.  It would be so cool to get a bunch of recipes for vegetarian food that was *awesome*.  I always thought if I had a bajillion dollars I would start a chain of vegetarian food restaurants where the food was amazingly tasty and affordable.  I really believe people would choose it over McDonalds if they had such an option, which they don't really.  It's hamburgers and pizza all the way down the highway...

A Wallace and Grommit contest.  Come up with a silly contraption to walk your dog or keep your cereal from getting soggy or something like that.   It could also have a Rube Goldberg or Dr. Seuss theme just as easily.

An idea contest.  Maybe you've got a great idea, but now clue how to implement it in reality.  You post an idea somehow and the community comments on how to implement it or maybe actually implements it if it's a really good idea.  Of the best ideas suggested: The idea person gets a prize and the implementer too.  I'm sure a lot of people out there have awesome ideas but don't have the time or tools or skills to get it accomplished.  Of course, everyone's dream is to come up with an idea, someone else makes it form them into a commercial reality and they get a cut of the profit*.   If you could work that into the Grand prize somehow, I think you could get a crazy swarm of submissions, possibly overwhelming.  I'm not sure what the legal complications of such a thing would be, that might be prohibitive.  They'd have to word the language carefully, I guess, cause it's far too easy to generate ideas and very much harder to actually do the 80/20% and implement them.  I imagine you could easily have an overwhelming swarm of idea submissions.  I'm not sure how you'd do crowd control on it. 

A How-its-made contest?  You have a thing, you take it apart and show how it was assembled or what its interior parts do.  The Grand prize could be a trip to China with a tour of willing Chinese factories to actually see how the things we take for granted every day are actually manufactured.  Or perhaps some kind of interesting factory tour or another?

Just tossing these ideas out there and see where they stick or not.

*so they can retire to the Bahamas and continue making up great ideas indefinitely, dictating them over the teletype to their devoted lackey back in the states or hoards thereof.  Or some other such quit work forever fantasy...


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7 years ago

Love the way yu think. Currently I'm in the Orient (I think near where they make rasberry pi-s) Lemme know if you want me to investigate something for you. I have always had tons of ideas. My favorite is for a barbeque grill. It is such a cool idea I don't want to share it though, I was hoping someday I could get Alton Brown to endorse it, etc...I can't get google to search things as effectively as it used to (around '99-'00) but this idea farm of yours is inspiring...