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continuous to step rotation in legos? Answered

I have a thing that rotates in lego, it has one revolution per 5 minutes. I want it to be connected to something else so that the other thing has one rotation per hour. But it has to rotate in steps, so after every five minutes it has to rotate 1/12 revolution at one time. Can anybody think of a good mechanism?
It won't work to make only one pin on the five minute ring so it only ticks the other gear one pin per rotation, that would go too slow because with one revolution per five minutes the transition would take too long. It has to be a short moment.



10 years ago

If you built some kind of clock-escapement for the slower wheel, you could use the faster one (with a peg) to trip it - clunk. The escapement would reset slowly after tripping and allowing the 1/12th movement. It sounds like you're building a clock anyway.