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contra dancing skirt Answered

I love to contra dance and like to wear skirts that gave great swing. I have a couple that I found at the thrift store, but they're just not perfect. I see some women wearing perfect, just-below-the-knee-length skirts and I want to make one! There's a catch: I'm not much of a sewer. I can run a machine, and stitch a straight line. And I can use my common sense. So it must be possible. So...can you suggest a design for a simple swing-friendly skirt for contra dancing? Perhaps most important, can you tell me what fabrics are and aren't ideal for this kind of skirt? Obviously, static is bad. As is something that will wrinkle. As is something too hot. So there must be ideal fabrics for active dancing. (Also, I'm thinking of buying the "Sew What! Skirts: 16 Simple Styles..." book, and if you have it maybe you can recommend a design for this that's in the book?) Thanks!



11 years ago

Angry chicken has a really great tutorial for a quick skirt. The wider you make it at the bottom, the more swing you'll have!

5 minute skirt!

She also has a FOE tutorial if you're not familiar with it. :D

FOE video tut!

I'm assuming you probably don't have a serger, so you'll need to know how to make a hem to do it, and I could help with that if you need it.

As far as fabrics, I would definitely recommend cotton. Anything heavier or polyester based will be very hot. If you're worried about wrinkling, I'd choose something with a print.