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convert 240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz Answered

Recently I bought a Blender imported from US(to India) which runs on 120V 60Hz.
I need a converter which Converts 240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz.
I got an idea of using a rectifier-inverter circuit such that by varying the gate signal can accomplish the aim.
Is this idea a possible one?


Josehf Murchison

1 year ago

A blender motor may not be bothered much by 50 cycle verses 60 cycle.

You should be able to just use a step down transformer.

You can buy a 50/60 cycle 240/120 volt converter.

I would try the step down transformer first and if you do not like the performance then use the output of the step down transformer convert it to DC to power your 60 cycle inverter.


1 year ago

I have few electronic tools received as contest prizes which run of 110 / 120 V. I use this step down transformer to run them. It is available in amazon as well as in ebay