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convert Gamin Wheel Foot Pedal to Guitar Expression Pedal Answered

I have a Genius Twinwheel F1 gaming wheel.  it has a pedal(accelerate/brake) which has a 6 pin DIN out. i do not a have a schematic for it and i do not know what the 6 pins are for exactly. i havent taken it apart as im not sure if this will work out.
the thing is, i was hoping to convert this to a guitar expression pedal..  has anyone tried this?.. i really like the action of the foot switches.. the way they bounce back can make an awesome wah pedal.. i any info/ links/ advice would be much appreciated!..thanks!


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8 years ago

Usually the foot peddles operate 2 x 100K potentiometer .

the wiring is likely as in the diagram with a common voltage in to one side of the pots - often 5 volts in the wheel use, and a common ground to the other side of the pots (draw here as 2 separate connections.) Then the varying voltage is taken from the centre wiper pin.

The Pots act in their correct usage as potential dividers.

HOWEVER To make them into a guitar effect you are going to have to build the effect cct (lots on line) and use the pots in the foot peddles as the adjusting pot on the cct

Other than that I don't think anyone could help until you have a cct to built on to.

Personally if it is working I would buy F1 2012 and enjoy driving an F1 racing car simulator. & buy a guitar effects peddle.