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convert spno relay to dpdt output? Answered

I am converting plug-in digital timer to complete circuit 1 when off and complete circuit 2 when on.
There is currently an SPNO relay in it that only gets power (12V) when it is "on". So there is no source of 12V until it is on. Also, it obviously completes a circuit when on and cuts it when off.
When "off" I need it to power a reversible DC motor (that has its own power source(it's actually a rechargable screwdriver)) one way, when "on" the other way.
I bought some 12V DPDT relays. Do I need a separate 12V power source to run my dpdt? (unless I'm missing something, I probably do....)


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9 years ago

AS long as your 12 volt source can supply the extra current, you can run it all off one supply.