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converting lighting fixture to portable battery operated Answered

Ok I've done many searches but do to this being a bit unique I haven't found a solution thats spot on. So here's the story! 

I found this cool bathroom, above the sink, multi bulb lighting fixture by the trash. (Oh like you don't shop the same places? He he) I really want steampunk looking lighting for a convention booth I am setting up in march. Tricky part is no power. So, I grabbed the fixture, blasted with a base coat of paint and am posting here for guidance on making this battery operated.

Anything is possible I know but in this case I would like a few requirements to be met
1. I'm a maker, and a broke one at that, I don't want to spend $250 on a battery go anywhere plug in device ...its expensive plus if I can make my own I'm happier, mmo cheaper I'm even more happy, mmo with more "found" parts I'm even more happiest! ;-p 
2. I'm a lil thing, 90lb soaking wet... I had to hump 120 pound packs w heavy radios back in my USMC days, however I'm not in the corps so I don't want to pack a 120 pound battery thru a convention center for my Lil display. Light as possible battery solution for my light please!;-p
3. I can't use solar at this location, I do have limited space and finally
4. If possible I'm trying to keep this looking nice. This is for my display table. The broke part...I need to make money and that means slick looking booth that people will be drawn towards, handing over their hard earned money for amazing well lit steampunk treasure. I love duct tape, even mentioned it on my dating profile...but it doesn't scream style. Just saying ;-p

I'm not surrounded by fellow makers or tools so me chatting ideas out with friends and fine tools isn't happening...so I'm here i n hopes my fellow interweb maker family can help me out here. I have basic electrical knowledge, basic tools, color blind but I think were OK with these few colors here. I took photos to assist the visual and stir creative juices. 

Mahalo for taking time to read and inspire! 


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6 years ago

As I see it your main problem is the power supply and a light bulb to match the battery system.

Not wanting to spend money means no fancy stuff...


A frosted incanscent light bulb can be carefully cut open and a Cree LED plus driver fitted in the base, a little lens on top of the LED maybe to get an even light pattern on the frosted glass.

But if you don't need big brightness to illuminate something 10mm super bright LED's use far less power than Cree versions.

You chould be able to power around 10 of these LED's from a single 6V lantern battery for a few days.

If you sand the top of the LED flat it should nicely cover the entire frosted glass surface with even light.

Depending on the size of your lamp you could also include the batteries inside it and mount the lamp on an acrylic stand so people wonder where the electricity is coming from.

Just an idea though....