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corrupted rar file? Answered

Hi, I have a rar of which WinRAR says that the CRC is wrong, and the file is corrupted. I allready tried to "keep broken files" when I extract, and I allready tried to repair the file. It doesn't works.

What can I do to extract .rar archive? Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 4 years ago

WinRAR has a built-in function that lets you bypass CRC errors. During the normal process, the extracted file is deleted once the error occurs. Right-click the RAR and select "Extract Files..." to open the general options window. Under "Miscellaneous," put a check by "Keep Broken Files." The file saves to the folder you specify, despite the CRC data. Many files will not work using this method if they are too damaged, but some will.

No need to get Panic!!! You can fix your corrupted RAR file effectively by using reliable WinRAR Repair Kit. Couple of days ago, when I was stuck under the identical problem and was worried thinking how to fix RAR CRC error? In such a situation this software helped me to repair my corrupted RAR file and retrieve all my data stored in it.

Just you need to follow the below links to try the software and fix your corrupted RAR file due to CRC error.

Software link: http://www.winrar.repair/

If standard procedures in WinRAR cant help you.

Visit open community for any experienced users:-



4 years ago

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Recovery Toolbox for Rar archives can sometimes help.

I had an archive with about 300 pictures in it and for no reason at all (after about 2 years) I was greeted with the CRC error.

Although I still lost about 15-18 pictures, the rest was restored by the tool.

BUT - in another case a bit later the tool was only able to rescue less than half the files in a damaged archive.

guess it depends on what is damaded and where inside the archive, e.g.
data got corrupted while copying the archive to a new location.

Advanced RAR Repair 1.2 is another tool worth trying and it also comes in a demo version to try out.

Last but not least in the list is DataNumen RAR Repair, again available in a demo version to try out.

It claims to be good but I have not tested it myself.

with all demo versions there are limitations, with these tools they are
usually limited to checking the archive and letting you know how much,
if any, can be fixed.

I hope you get your data back !

For those not scared to use a HEX Editor together with the repair function of Winrar:


This guy explains nicely how to handle missing pieces of an archive and a way to fix it.

Obvious downside is that the missing data will be still lost but the rest can be extracted once all is repaired.

Might not be the perfect solution but I doubt any professional tool can do much better without a recovery record and missing data chunks.