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could someone make an adaptor for my hot glue gun to melt zipstrips Answered

I want to make an adapter for my hot glue gun to melt zip-ties that way i can turn them into filament for my 3d printer.

just saying... If it could melt zip-ties and make filament why not use it to melt pop bottles?

I could cut the top and bottom off a pop bottle and slice the sides up in a paper shredder then take the shreds and put them in  a hot glue gun to make the pop bottle into filament for my 3d printer.

a little help please ? /

what would I need to do to make this?

I have the ability to print anything if someone could help design it.

I wll share it with EVERYONE !


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7 years ago

It's an interesting idea, but I think there are going to be some challenges. You will want the tip to be the right temp to melt the plastic, but not burn it. You could probably pull this off by plugging the glue gun into something that lets you regulate the power.

Next issue is that the diameter of the filament needs to be very precise for the drive wheel and the heating tip on the printer. Ie I don't think that squeezing the handle is going to be consistent enough, so you will need some sort of motorized feed mechanism. Even then it will probably need to go through some rollers afterward to ensure the size.

Finally, check on what type of plastic the zip ties are made of and what sort of plastic your printer works with. For instance, I'm almost positive that the replicator 2 does not get hot enough to extrude abs. (Call the zip tie manufacturer to find out the plastic type). Also check on what type of fumes zip ties produce when melting. ( you may need to do this outside)

Best of luck!