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counter surveillance Answered

how can one hide the location of a mobile phone in order to avoid being tracked or surveillanced?



8 years ago

Wrap it in several layers of lead foil.

Eat the sim card.

Dip it in concentrated hexaflouric acid.

Travel out of town - large rural cells reduce the chance of finding you.

Kill yourself, and stipulate in your will that the phone be buried with you.

Move into a nuclear bunker.

Encase your entire home in copper mesh, forming a habitable Faraday cage.

Or, maybe, you just try switching it off...

Jack A LopezKiteman

Reply 8 years ago

That phrase "habitable Faraday cage"  makes me think:  Faraday would be a really good name for a hamster, or a rat, or even a parakeet, just as long as that animal is normally kept in a metal cage.
I dunno.  Is that a joke that works, or is it too erudite?  Probably no worse than a dog named Pavlov, or a cat named Schrodinger.   Maybe this comment belongs in the Pets forum.  Sorry for straying off topic.


Reply 8 years ago

Some phones you still have to take the battery out... but you had some good ideas! ;)


8 years ago

I would suggest purchasing one of the "disposable pay as you go phones".

They're very popular for terrorists who don't want their locations to be discovered.