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creating a ball mill and making thermite Answered

I have come across a few 'instructables' which show how to create a ball mill.
This mainly uses an electric powered screw driver, a plastic bottle, some ball bearings (I will use lead even though steel would suffice)
some epox putty and a vice clamp..
However some points of the instructable was unclear. I came across several electric drills, where the button was situated in a place that meant it was not possible to secure to the on position, also they seem to either go to slow or too fast. Finally with the weight of a significant amount of aluminium and lead/steel balls, I found the bottle section weighed too much and caused stress on the drill bit which caused it to dislocate and fall out, or in the second case.. the motor just gave up.
My two questions.

1.is there a better instructable which addresses the problem of supporting the plastic bottle .
2. would a mixture of aluminium powder and charcoal (german dark) work better than aluminium powder? would the ratio of dark powder and iron oxide change? i gather that aluminium oxidises, is that bad? i don't really see how it's possible to avoid oxidisation without the charcoal.


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