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creating a bluetooth dongle...? Answered

ive been waiting for my dongle i ordered from dealextreme.com for far to long and i am a very impatient man. ive set out to make a dongle, or try until it finally gets here.

ive considered many options but its looking like this will be the most promising. my friend gave me a slightly damaged ipod touch (2nd gen?), which i found out has a broadcom bluetooth chip in it. i ripped up the ipod, found the chip, and the datasheet.

ive messed with some circuitry before, but i am lost on this. im actually pretty novice with this sort of thing, but ive experimented and learned a lot on my own. i am eager to learn.

my goal is to make this into a usb bluetooth adapter. i have all the ipod parts (may need some?), usb cables are abundant, and i have a soldering gun and i am able to use it. could someone please help guide me in the right direction?

i am sorry if this doesnt belong here.. this is my first post here, but ive been enjoying the site for a while now. i am a big do it yourself kind of guy and will most definitely be uploading some of my ideas when i get around to it.


The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

9 years ago

Your best option with this is probably to find a circuit diagram of a dongle that uses this chip, but it is unlikely that you will find anything. Other than that, it would be useful to find the pin-out for the chip, and you may have a chance of programming a microcontroller to get some basic functionality. As for the USB connectivity, the only thing I know is how to get 5V out of it.

By the way, the chip is probably in a very small surface mount package that will be very difficult/impossible to solder with a conventional soldering iron, so you will have to buy/borrow some equipment to try and un-solder it from the board.

Good luck with the project, and hopefully somone may be of more help when you find the pinout.