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cures for insomnia? Answered

I am a major insomniac AND IT SUCKS. Im completly not me any more in the day. i am ruining my life infact i am writeing this at 4:57 in the morning (i havent slept yet) i get maybe 2-3 hours a over a 24 hour period. i really dont want to use drugs such as melatonin. any ideas PLEASE HELP.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I have had SOME problems sleeping sometimes, i found these things helped a LOT... 

    1.. Dont eat CHOCOLATE of any kind after 3pm or so.  because it has
         LOTS of caffeine..  No soda's or coffee also.

     2.  Turn off ALL light in the room... cover your eyes with a pillow, towel, or
           EYE mask if necessary, whichever you prefer to block light.

     3.  get a SOUND generator.  They dont cost much and they can play the 
          sound of RAINDROPS,  or OCEAN, or Whitenoise... This will MASK
          those Little bothersome noises from outside like dogs barking, or cars
          going by,  that can distract you from sleeping.  
       4.  THINK about non-emotional things when laying down.  I think about 
           things i will BUILD... plans for vacations... Or projects around the  
           house or any such things that are not upsetting.  Dont lay there
          thinking about arguments you had with people... you will NEVER get
          to sleep doing THAT!


9 years ago

You don't really say what's keeping you awake.  Stuff going through your head? Restless leg syndrome?  Not knowing the basics, I'll toss out a few solutions that I use.  I have problems sleeping sometimes, too.

*  If you workout after work, switch to the morning.  That workout is actually getting you going, not wearing you out.  Your body may still be too energized.

*  Cut out stuff like chocolate, caffine, and even alcohol.  Alcohol messes with the sleep cycle no matter what people think about it "relaxing" you.

*  If you have too much junk going through your head (how to pay bills, work deadlines, "can't kill the teenager") try to block them out by diverting your attention.  Concentrate on slowly saying the alphabet backwards.  Count by fours.  Compute in base 8. 

*  Put some Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy "Warm Milk & Honey" Sleep Lotion on your arms.  Rub it in fully and slowly.  Massage it into your feet.  The rubbing, massaging action is soothing, as is the scent.

*  Your bedroom is for sleeping.  Clear out clutter.  Quit reading in bed.  Don't watch TV in bed.  Don't lay there longer than 15 or 20 minutes.  Get up, go to another room, and do something quiet like crochet a simple pattern or read your insurance policy.  Stay off the computer.  No video games!  After another 15 - 20 minutes go back to bed and try the last two things again. 

Good night and good luck!


10 years ago

Some people sleep less - Lady Thacher the British Prime minister famously only sleeps 4 hours a night.HOWEVER A healthy weight, A healthy varied diet. Regular hours NO sleep during the day Exercise before going to bed and after your evening meal. Try eating less in the evening and making your main meal lunch time. Take a warm bath or shower before going to bed. Try to make sure the bed room is peaceful, ideally dark and quiet. Avoid Alcohol - It may give initial sleep but the quality is poor and you will often wake after 3 or 4 hours. Avoid caffeine in any form it is a stimulant Check up and practice meditation techniques and perhaps join a Yoga group. See your doctor there may be a medical reason. If you are stressed you will often find it hard to sleep try to deal with what is stressing you. IF all else fails then use the time productively - Write a book, create something. BUT don't sit and watch TV it will stimulate your brain.


10 years ago

Insomnia is one of those health problems like obesity; many people know the steps to avoid it, but they are much easier said than done. By the way, you are probably sleeping more than 2-3 hours a day right now. Usually when people are studied who say they do not sleep, it is found that they take many small naps with no memory of doing so. But this can hardly be called quality sleep.

  • First of all, plan to see a doctor if these basic steps are not working. Get signed up for a sleep study if necessary. You may have a condition for which drugs or surgery is unavoidable. Decide now how much longer you can tolerate this problem and promise yourself that you will make an appointment if you have not overcome the insomnia by then.
  • Secondly, have a bedtime. Going to bed at the same time each day is even more important than when you wake up. If this means you lie in bed for hours before falling asleep, so be it. (Do not try to take a nap while your alarm clock is on snooze. This sleep will not make you any less tired.)
  • The room should be as dark and quiet as possible. (I realize that dark and silence make some people uncomfortable. If so, you can overcome this with practice.) A cool temperature may be helpful as well.
  • The bed you sleep in should be used only for sleeping and waiting for sleep. Do not listen to music, watch TV, read books, eat, study, or do anything else in that bed.
  • Keep the use of caffeine and other stimulants under control. For most healthy adults, caffeine has a half-life of about six hours. This means if you drink 100mg at noon, you will have 50mg in you by 6pm, 25mg by midnight, and 13mg by 6am the next day.
  • Likewise, skip the alcohol, allergy medicine, over the counter sleeping pills, and other depressants before bed. (Obviously this advice doesn't apply to medications that you need to avoid severe discomfort.) They may help you fall asleep faster, but the quality of the sleep will be lower.
  • Also try to minimize excitement or stress before bed. Watching an action movie, doing your taxes, or calling up an argumentative friend are not good activities to be doing before bed. Skip the dancing and loud music, turn the lights down, and stay calm.
  • Get plenty of regularly scheduled exercise during the day. You may want to make an appointment with a friend to go walking around the block every morning or evening.

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