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custom ruler scriber Answered

Years ago (before computers), I worked in a lab where we were called upon to make clear plastic rulers with precise increments.  We had a simple machine to accomplish the job. It was an ingenious gadget that held the plastic in place and with a turn of a crank, it moved the plastic a set distance and simultaneously scribed the plastic with a metal point.  The precise divisions could be set with a dial and all you had to do was turn the crank.
Has anyone ever seen one of these machines?  If so - what is it called and how would you make one?



5 years ago

I would guess it was some sort of dividing engine.  Seems like the basis of the spirograph toys, mathematically at least.  Lots of topics if you search on dividing engine.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, That will be a big help in narrowing my search!