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cyber knex Answered

i need a link on where to buy some cyber knex sets. it would be very helpful if you could leave a link  where i can buy some i don't ebay or cragslist.



8 years ago

i dont know were you can get th full sets im looking for one 2! but you can single motors here if u live in the uk if u in the states soz i dont know nufin: http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/knex-cyber.html


9 years ago

i don't know about the shops at your place, but k'nex is gone where I do. Somethimes you find some leftover microK'nex builds, but that's it... Also, I got a leftover cyberk'nex box a while ago, but it's impossible to program the cyberkey. The box/instructions say you can download it from knex.com. But you have to buy it from the shop and they only ship it in america. Maybe you could try looking around your place for people who are willing to sell their k'nex.


Reply 9 years ago

okay but i want some cyber knex to put on the truck that is the pic of the forum