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dehumidifier Answered

A friend of mine built a walk-in fridge in his garage.  He wants to drop the humidity but the room is "sealed" and at 40*F.  I have a couple fridges hanging around, full and mini sized.  I'm looking for tips on constructing a dehumidifier. 

I'm in the Northwest USA where the Sun is more of a concept than a confirmed celestial object so the "desiccant dried in the sun" idea is not an option. 

I can put a hole or two in the walls of the garage (if needed) but I'd like some tips on converting a fridge into a dehumidifier that functionns at ~40*F (and without spraying freon all over).



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8 years ago

There's going to be damn all moisture left at 40F ANYWAY isn't there ? Its going to condense out on any metal in there - run it off to a drain.