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delay when posting new instructable Answered

i was just wondering since this has happened quite a few times recently (and didn't occur in the past):
when posting a new instructable, it can now take up to a day or so, until it shows up in the "recent instructables" list and gets any views.
why is that? is that some kind of new spam-prevention engine or something similar?
oddly, it doesn't happen with all the instructables and also the delay isn't always the same....


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5 years ago

That's a great question, and the answer does lie in the spam-prevention filtering system. There are several things that may cause an instructable to get snagged in a filter temporarily, but staff go through the filters regularly to free up any legitimate (non-spam) content. However, occasionally this may take up to 24 hours--especially on the weekends. We will go through the filters at least once daily on weekends, but during weekday business hours, we're all over it! ;)

The main thing that will trigger a filter is the use of certain words that are often associated with undesirable content. For instance, common curse words will always trigger the filter, but there are also a lot of generally innocuous words that will get you snagged (for example if you mention a glue "gun", that will trigger a filter).

There's a list of 100s of flagged words, which we add to occasionally, and they do a great job of nabbing spam. However, as a result some good stuff gets caught too (perhaps we could call this a "false negative"?) . . . so we try to free these items up as fast as we can.

Hopefully that shed a bit of light for you!