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deleting a linux pen drive? Answered

ok so through work i got a usb pen that updates a terminal upon insertion. i think it runs linux/unix or something like that im not so technical there. well we were told if we insert it into a windows pc it will mess it up. is this right and is there anyway of wiping the pen drive so i can put normal documents on it?




Best Answer 10 years ago

1. Press and hold your shift key (this prevents anything on the USB pen drive from "auto-running")

2. While holding the shift key, insert the USB pen drive into your Windows machine

3. After a few seconds, release the shift key and open up "My Computer" or Explorer

4. Find the USB pen in your list of drives (the name should make it obvious)

5. Once you are sure that you have the right drive, right click on it and select "Format".

6. Enter a unique name for the "Volume Label". This is what your USB pen will show up as within My Computer or Explorer from now on. So for example, "StevesUSB" might be a good name.

7. Select Quick Format and begin.

If you need additional help see this article: http://www.supermediastore.com/how-to-format-usb-flash-memory.html


10 years ago

thanks, handy wee tip i never knew about holding the shift key to prevent auto boot


Answer 10 years ago

No problem. Note that holding shift also works for CD's and DVD's. Hold down shift and whatever auto-run programs they have won't run.


10 years ago

So long as your PC is not set to boot USB sticks, you'll be fine even if you leave the key in the drive when you start up. If you're worried, HOLD THE SHIFT KEY and insert the USB Stick, wait until the drive appears in windows then release the shift key. Quick format the key, and you should be clean and good to go.