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desktop won't show up after stanby and cannot open any folder? Answered

so its fast i start my computer but and the monitor is on it connects with the CPU but doesn't show any thing its just black, then i restart the computer again and it works i can log in. But the problem is this problem still happend only now there's an additional problem is that i can't see any folder that i click but in the taskbar it is open but i click on it and nothing shows even the task manager doesn't show up so i can only open google and my youtube downloader and microsoft office. So any one know how to fix this problem? Thx 

sorry for my  bad english i'm indonesian


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Turn it completely off and turn it back on again.
Don't use standby mode, sometimes its not compatible with hardware. Try hibernation instead.
Scan for virisus,
check to make sure the hard drive is not failing.

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7 years ago

Go to your last known good restore point.