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diecast cars acrylic or plexi glass display case/shelf Answered

i have a growing collection of hotwheels, tomy and matchbox cars mostly 1:64 scale. i need an idea on making a clear display case for my cars, in its blister pack and loose cars. something i can hang or put on a table (car can be viewed on both sides). that would be two instructables (i'm demanding).. lol. please help. thanks in advance.


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9 years ago

Its really not that hard to make them. First you need Acrylic Plexiglass, you can get this from Home Depot or Lowes. Second you need to get IPS Weld-On 4 Cement & Hypo-Type Solvent Cement Applicator, this you will have to find online or see if a hobby store has it. Next you will need something to cut the plexiglass. Then You glue or bond it together. A couple of years ago I got a deal, 50 1:64 scale diecast car display cases for $20 at a flea/farmers market.