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diy car radio / bluetooth / usb Answered

Hi guys,

I was hoping for some guidance.
I have an 1995 audi a4 and the 1 din cd/radio player  you see is kind of outdated.

I was looking for a replacement unit that is simple, clean looking and has Bluetooth / USB connectivity.

Didn't find any and in case I did find something it looked ugly or had bulky buttons or tasteless lights glowing all over the place.

So I thought maybe a raspberry pi could replace the current unit but this brings up a whole s*itload of  problems.

1. Is there a way to power the pi with the power cable that powers the current unit? Are there any converter cables?

2. Currently as you can see there are 4 rca cables in use. 2 front and 2 for the back. The latter go trough an amp in the trunk. I stumbled into a small board with two rca ports for the pi. Can I use a splitter and plug in all 4 cables to that?

As you can tell already by now, electricity, current, amps and all that is not my slice of pie :P

3. If we could sort these out as a first step we could move onto adding a power on / off sort of thing so the pi doesn't  drain the car's battery when not in use?

Maybe add a touchscreen later on. Print a case for it and hack it into the car's console somehow, but these later ones I could sort out on my own.

The foundation tho'  would be the first 3 questions.

Thank you in advance for your feedback. Much obliged and much appreciated!



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