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diy shoulder axle/pin/shaft/dowel pin? Answered

I would like to
- create a shouldered pin* in order to glue gearwheels** to it
- ask you for any advice or link that may hint me towards a solution

any ideas are highly appreciated:
i already had a look at misumi, conrad, rscomponents, alibaba, ebay, amazon "small parts" …
but could not find any suitable solution.

* pin's dimensions:

                       left                   center                 right


diameter        1 mm             2.5 mm                1 mm
length            2 mm             13 mm                 2 mm

**made from delrin & brass.
These gearwheels are spinning at a speed of ca. 4000 rounds per minute
(a prototype*** worked well with superglued-gearwheels )

***my prototype: 1mm steel wire surrounded by heat-shrinked tube


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5 years ago

Keep looking. You'll find a commercial option that meets your needs. Just a matter of finding the right search terms. Not all offerings are available online either. So it may be a good idea to call a supplier. Describe what you need and they may be able to point you in the right direction.


Answer 5 years ago

thanks a lot for your replies!

I started looking at the large companies thinking that they set the standards

but it might really be worth to look at the yellow pages/ local hardware stores since my project's measurements doesn't seem to fit the online offers.


5 years ago

I would have thought any local engineering firm could make you what you want for a reasonable cost.