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do any of you know how to make a AA battery charger for psp using a usb cable? Answered



8 years ago

i am going to assume that you want to charge your psp with aa batteries.

it can be done, with a small parts list too. you can get everything at radioshack (the source).

you are only going to need 3 things:
-charging plug for the psp
-4 aa battery holder
-lm 7805 5v voltage regulator
-sliding switch for power switch (unless your battery holder already has a switch on it, check to make sure)

wiring it up:
take a look at the voltage regulator.
having it sitting on a table with the heatsink (thinner top part)on the surface of the table the pins are like so:

voltage in - common negative - voltage out

the pins should be facing you with the heatsink (thinner part) on the surface of the table, or on the bottom of the 7805 regulator.
take the black wire from your battery holder and the charging plug and solder that to the middle pin on your 7805.

next take the red wire from your psp charging plug and solder that to the voltage out pin. (looking at the 7805 as described above, its the 3rd pin)

now take the red wire from your battery holder and solder that to the first pin on the voltage regulator (voltage in).
put a switch between the battery holder and the 7805 if your battery holder doesnt have a switch on it.

put in the 4 aa batteries and plug in your psp. turn on the power and it should start charging the psp.


8 years ago

Make a minty boost. There are plenty of instructables on this site.


8 years ago

PSP takes AA batteries?

Is it a psp charger, or a psp charging AA's, or charging AA's as a psp battery, or charging a psp with aa's?

what exactly do you want to charge with what?