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do i need a front derailleur on my bike if i am updating an old bike to have a new one on the back? Answered

i got a really old bike from my grandpa the other day and the really old derailleur on the back broke, so now i have no way to change gears. i want to just update the back end completely to make it functioning, but i just wanted to make sure i didn't NEED to have a front AND rear derailleur


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11 years ago

The only reason to have one on front is to have more gears. If you have two front cogs you double the number of gears. If you have three up front then you triple the number of gears you have. Not all of the are really needed unless maybe you are a top form athlete or need to show off. If the gearing using just the derailleur on the rear works for you then the bike is perfect as it is. In working condition that is. Besides it's a lot less expensive to just repair what you have than to have to rebuild the whole gear system. Good luck and have fun.