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do i need a sort of voltage regulator to charge rechargeable batteries with a low voltage, around 2/3v charging input? Answered

i am building a thermo-electric generator from the design showed by this inscrutable    https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-a-thermoelectric-lamp/

my main idea is to be able to charge rechargeable batteries from this to be able to charge a more powerful item like a phone for a larger period of time, i already have a joule thief to up the energy but this still seems like it is going to be a bit weak and only able to charge when heat is applied , all the voltage details are in the instructable i used above


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8 years ago

What voltage are you getting ? Have you measured the power output ?

A Joule thief may step up the voltage, it certainly won't step up the energy !

The Joule thief isn't the best way to step up low voltage sources. The best current solution is a special chip made by Linear Technology, but its not really suitable for amateur use.

Thermoelectrics power generation is a very low efficiency process, even with Peltier cells, which are better than metal junctions, but operate at temperatures only up to a maximum of 150 C.

The simplest solution is more Peltier cells.

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On The 3dge

Answer 8 years ago

thanks, at the moment i haven't built it so i am unaware of the voltage but i am using the joule thief off of this;


so any idea as to what the final voltage would be?