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do you need to do anything special to hook up leds into a wall socket lamp? Answered

I'm working on building a lamp out of a guitar I'm using fiber optic cable as the strings and want to put leds under them to make them light up the lamps going to be plugged into a wall socket. what is the best way to do this.




10 years ago

An old phone charger is a good transformer source. Or one of the iPhone/iPod plugs that allow you to plug the USB lead into the wall to charge, these will output 5V, these will allow you to attach LEDs. You will still need to add resistors though.


10 years ago

If you need to ask this, this might not be a good project for you. Aside from that...

Use a wall wart power supply. I would use about a 5 volt supply.

For help with exact numbers see: http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz


10 years ago

YOU NEED A LOW VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY. DO NOT put the LEDs straight into a wall socket.