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does ANYONE know how to build a "body blank"? i cant seem to find anyone or anything when I google it? Answered

I dont want to pay $70+ for a body blank, do they get just a big piece of wood or do they get 2 pieces and joint them togather?


Electric Spectre1

10 years ago

That is fairly easy. Buy some hard wood (has to be hard) app. 2 inches thick by 4-5 inches wide and however long (long enough for the body). Now you have to have some dowels, a drill, a drill bit (size of the dowels), wood glue and a center drill thing (not sure of the name but it drills a hole right in the center of the wood. Take one piece of your board (going to be the middle) drill two holes in each side of it with the center drill thing (make sure they will be there with the body when its cut out, but make sure after it gets cut to form the body that you will not see them). Take two other boards and drill hole in them equal distances apart as the middle block. Cut you dowels to length. Dry fit everything. If it fits, run each edge through a table saw to cut off a little to make sure they are all flat and straight. Now apply wood glue to the dowels, the holes and the surfaces of the outer boards that contact the inner board. Clamp and let dry. The put them through a planer when your done so that they are flat and cut out your design. Below is a picture of a Bass guitar using this method so that the middle is lighter then the outside parts. (They used stain in the picture, but some guitars that look like that use this method of three pieces of wood).