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does any one know how to make a bass drum light up when it is hit like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgfKlPpCWMU? Answered

Im looking for a way to make my bass drum light up when it is hit what materials are needed and what not



Best Answer 10 years ago

I'll assume your in the USA and provide you with some parts from radioshack. if your not in the US lemme know and I'll point you somewhere applicable..
You need the following;
1 x soldering iron and solder.
some "hookup wire" just some thin copper wire. Get some from an old cable.. headphones, speaker.. anything copper. about 1 meter.
1x 9 volt battery and battery clip
9 x leds (or any multiple of three.. 3, 6, 9, 12) you'll need about 9 to light up your drum well.
9 x bright LEDs

1 x "momentary push button " This means that when your kick pedal pushes on the button (normal state) its contacts are open and the current wont flow through the leds. When you push your peddal the buttons contacts are closed and the leds come on. When your peddal returns the contacts open again..

There are three contacts the middle one connects to the black wire of the battery clip. Then solder some wire to on of the other contacts - doesnt matter which..

The LED's have two "legs" the long one is positive, the short one is negative. In this circuit you need to connect three of them end to end in a string. The LED's run on about 3v. 3v x 3 leds = 9v - same as your battery. So if you want more LEDs then you add another string of three in parrallel.
To make the string bend the legs at right angles to the led and then solder a short leg to a long leg, then again. So at one end is a long leg, and at the other end is a short leg.. See the drawing at the end of this..
Now solder the spare wire from your switch to the short leg of your led string, and the red wire from your battery to the long leg of your led string.

if you were lucky, when you push the button the leds will be on come on. If you were unlucky the leds are on and when you push the pedal they turn off.. if the later unsolder the wire from the end contact on the switch and put it on the other spare one. now just mount the switch to your pedal hit the button and the leds will light up.

If you have any issues or questions just ask for some more help.


10 years ago

You could install a push switch like this one underneath the bass peddle. When you press the peddle it completes a circruit, making LEDs you install within the drum turn on.


Answer 10 years ago

You could put a potentiometer on the pedal axle and drive the lights brighter depending on the position - that might look more dynamic....


Answer 10 years ago

Or you could have an electret microphone driving a darlington transistor from the sound waves the bass drum produces


Answer 10 years ago

Would i just wire the push switch to the LED or do i need a power source?


9 years ago

thermoelectric is on the right path however there are kits that used to be made which trigger common light arrays for drums. in fact a very popular drummer during his solos would stand and then useing 2 bass pedals  (before double throw pedals were introduced) would then do a train riff launching  a single stroke roll uses two pedals this in efect would trigger to sound modules and there accompanying relays which would then trigger lights (in this case llights with a long delay (arc lights) then as he got faster the lights would seem to strobe til he wa realy going at it where the appearance would be as if the sound was constant and hense the lights would stay on...after which he woudl stand and jump through the middle of his cymbals to the warm regards of the crowd..  if you are attempting this I would reccommend any lamp arrays made during the (ugh) D"iscx  I cant even bring myself to repeat the term during the 80s  during this time radioshack and others used to produce kits which would take a series of large christmas colored bulbs and when placed near a music source would trigger different colors via the sound produced ( a good modern fit is a strong flood with perhaps a lighting diffuser of white to deflect the rebounding light source, and a mic triggering element) another hint on the cheap would be a christmas tree triggering system that could drive a proper set of lamps if you need help please drop me a not and well brain trust this ...my pleasure John