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does any one know how to store a bike ascetically Answered

does any one know how to store a bike but still make it look good or maybe cover the bike. out side is not okay I live in an apartment complex with no yard. cheap is good, i do work at a fastener house so nuts and bolts and such are not a problem?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Depending upon how your apartment is currently decorated, you could incorporate it as wall art. Polish it and mount it in your living room(preferably on a wall that isn't frequently occupied). Or... turn it upside-down and add a flat surface for a nice table.


Answer 10 years ago

thank you I think that i will turn it upside down and build a 4 sided "table" and put it against the wall so the bike is covered and stain it the color the rest of my furniture is colored. possibly making some shelfs where the frame is not in the way


10 years ago

You could install some heavy duty hooks and hang it from the ceiling in a hallway or an inconspicuous area. That way, it will be out of the line of sight and out of the way.