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does any one know some scary games for a halloween party? Answered

I am hopefully having a halloween party this year and i really need some games to play. I need them to be scary things.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hide and seek, but do it in the dark, and the seeker dresses as the grim reaper, makes moaning zombie noises as he hunts.

Even if you can't persuade your dad to buy a pair, tell the guests that the seeker has night-vision goggles.

Before the night, booby-trap all the likely hiding spaces with plastic spiders, sticky gag eyes, noise-makers that play creaks or ratty-scratches.

After the seeker has been dragging around for a while (not actually finding anybody), set off sirens or loud screaming sound effects and flashing strobe light.

Ask your dad if he knows the "Meeting Lord Nelson" skit. If he doesn't, PM me.


7 years ago

my friends played this once: one person goes down on all fours and tries to be as scary as possible. everybody turns off the lights and scatters. the person then has to scare people and tag them. then they are the creepy person for the next round.


8 years ago

I found a few online including the Morgue Assistant where guests must help out in the morgue going through body parts in order to get a job; a Fear Factor Halloween games where you could eat gross things and offer challenges, Eat Your Brains a zombie eating contest where you eat something fun out of brains and they had more.

I like these because they are interesting, diy examples and they have more. I found these Halloween games here. They are organized by age group.


8 years ago

Bobbing for apples... in the shark tank (this is the ninja variation to the children's classic game).


8 years ago

Pink slip game.
Find out where people work then make up fake termination notices for them. Tell them you got it in the mail by mistake and that your really sorry for them.
Caution, they may become violent towards you.