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does anyone have a background in computers? Answered

For some reason, my speakers stopped working partially. All of the sudden they just stopped letting me hear sounds when im in firefox, and im not sure why. There used to be a little speaker icon on my taskbar, now there isnt one and when i go start, all programs, accessories, entertainment, volume control, it gives me this message;

There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices go to control panel and click printers and other hardware, then add new hardware.

I did that, and it didnt work. I have speakers from Labtec, and my windows media player works fine, but if i go onto youtube, or google videos, or anywhere with a video there is no sound. Its really bothering me, and any help is appreciated. Thanks ! =]



9 years ago

try using safari, explorer, or opera heck even try google chrome OR edit the host files


10 years ago

Have you rebooted? I have found that on some occasions, for whatever reason, the sound system fails to load itself, and the error you describe ensues. It is also possible that the soundcard drivers have become corrupted asnd may need to be reinstalled...I don't know why it would ahve happened on *your system, but it IS a possibility and DOES happen. (A hardware failure in the soundcard can also cause the problem...) That's another story so reboot before anything else try rebooting and get back here with an update of the situation.