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does anyone know about, chemistry, bircks and metals? Answered

umm, i was resently being bored with an arc welder (not a safe thing)
and amzed to find that if you put enough energy into a normal red brick that it will chemicly start to decompose,

it left a large area missing and with a grey almost glass like surface in the area with the most abuse, (this i can understand)
the thing that i found that was odd about this was when i lookd at the small colection of metal that formed when it cooled,

the main thing in it is iron (i was using an arc welder with normal rods and an iron rod) but i appears to have an almost flaking metal surounding it, its not impusitys that u normal get when weldin, it has an irridesent purple colour to it and is problaby made up from something in the brick.

any ideas?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

The brick is made from clay which depending on where it comes from will have a fair level of impure oxides of various metals mixed in with it.

Under extreme heat the clay - which is silica - decomposes to glass - this tales up less volume so leaves a hole and the glassy deposit.

The oxides smelt into there relevant metals.There may have been some iron resulting from your heating the iron rod & welding rods.


Answer 9 years ago