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does anyone know any good free pcb software? Answered

i want t make my own pcbs but i dont want to have to buy software because i wont be making too many!!! i am looking for somthing that dosent take up mutch memory because i have not got mutch memory left!!!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Have you looked at Eagle or are you hoping not to use the search function?


11 years ago

Well there's lots. Umm:
  • the most common is Eagle CAD
  • Express PCB where you can order straight from the program i believe
  • Free PCB Fair old, i don't really like it but hey wateva :)
  • PCB123 i'v used it but never quite liked it
  • Multisim isn't free but that depends weather or not you can pirate it. I used it at school

erm the list goes on. Tell me if you need any more :)