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does anyone know any how to`s on how to connect a picaxe 20m to a SRF005 ultrasonic range sensor? Answered

i want to connect an ultrasonic rangefinder to my robot and my robots brain is a picaxe 20m so i need a way of interfacing it with a picaxe 20m , im pretty sure it`s an ADC input so if anyone knows an adc to cm converter i would be very grateful!!! thanks in advance if anyone answers this!!! cm



Best Answer 9 years ago

It's a case of RTFM here CM!
Have a look at the DATASHEET on the Rev-Ed site. Basically you tell the SRF005 to send a pulse (output pin) and then measure the length of the pulse it returns to give you the range (input pin). The program's in the datasheet
Make sure you choose the right connections for the 20m. It's done differently for the 08m as it uses the same pin to trigger and read.


9 years ago

ok!!! thanks!!! i am making a robot that uses the ultrasonic module to avoid obstacles, similar to the one fritsl has!!! cm