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does anyone know how to make an arduino recieve a feed/signal from a bluetooth dongle or other wireless device? Answered

I am wondering if it is possible to send an arduino information wirelessly. Basically i want the wireless reciever to be the sensor and feed the arduino the information from my computer wirelessly. please any help at all of how this could work or other ways to make this possible would be awsome. cheers.



10 years ago

The easiest out of box solution is the xbee radio. They come default programmed in pairs - turn them on, and the pins act virtually like a wireless serial port between the locations, something like 150 feet by default.


there are even arduino shields for them :D

If you wanna get really nuts, they can work in a mesh environment - where you have lots of nodes that dont all necessarily talk to one central point.

http://ladyada.net/make/xbee/modules.html (all the options)

they're about 20 bucks each.


10 years ago

You can get an I/O board for the arduino with bluetooth on, look here.