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does anyone know how to program a 433mhz wireless learning code receiver? Answered

i just got scammed, or possibly an innocent mixup, wen i ordered a 2 channel wireless receiver, and received instead a learning code receiver which was valued at half as much.
I am now getting my original receiver that i ordered , but get to keep the wrong one as well.
the model number is 6802S, and i cant figure out how to get it to work!
i tried using the remote that it came with but it wont respond, so i dont reall know what to do to program it.
does anyone know?
it has a single button and an led
when i press the button, the led turns on, when i push a button on the remote, the led flashes, if i press another button it flashed a second time, then the light turns off.
when the light is off, it doesnt really seem to do anything.



7 years ago


recycle power to the relay (to make sure it is in a clean state).
press the button on the relay (led will turn on)
press the first button on the remote (led on relay should flash)
press the second button on the remote (led on relay should flash, and then turn off)

now the remote should work. Press 1st button on relay to open, press second button to close, if the relay is already open, the first button will do nothing.

the 2 relays switch in reverse, if first one is ON, the second one will be OFF (for lack of a better term)

good luck