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does anyone know where to get xbox 360 memory stick drivers for using a mu with usb? Answered



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11 years ago

(see also: https://www.instructables.com/id/XBox_360_Memory_Unit_USB_Connector/ )
the problem is that the MU has no drivers for windows (as it is not intended to be readout or modified). If I remember it right, the easiest way is to use default class-compilant USB drivers by manually installing them. The device that shows up at first is a simple HUB that you can use if you manually set the default USB hub driver for it. After that you get access to the subdevices - a security thing and the memory itself. You can install a default USB-storage driver (like a "usb-stick") and the raw memory unit will show up as a drive. I started to program a software that is able to handle the FATX format of the new MU (i also got one for the old box FATX) - good enough to play around if you got some "haxing skillz" ;)