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does sitting like L make you more intelligent? Answered

In the anime series 'deathnote' there is a guy in it called L who sits with his legs up so his feet are on the chair and the main thing he is balancing on. When questioned why, he says its becuase if he doesnt his deductive skills will be reduced by about 40%. I thought it may be becuase not as much blood can go to your legs so more goes to your head, but I am not sure. Please help


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Best Answer 10 years ago

I can see where you're coming from about the blood being concentrated to your head, but I'm afraid that wouldn't have much of an impact on deductive skills.

It seems to me that this is simply a fictional element in the story.

However, sitting in a position that requires balance would overall work to increase your attentiveness. If not distracted by needing to balance on your feet, you may be able to use the added alertness to aid in whatever you would be working on.

Moreover, balancing on your legs would put strain on your high twitch muscles which would act as a very low intensity, yet constant exercise. This may have the effect of again, keeping you alert, and releasing chemicals in your brain that are responsible for reactions and understanding of particularly tactile or logistical information. This effect would most likely be marginal due to the lack of effort typically needed to maintain one's balance.


Answer 5 years ago

this is where the Creator was going as he is also shown to have deceptively quick and powerful legs.


6 years ago

Sitting posture can effect your intelligence.

this is not true in a short period of time(maybe it is), however if you sit a certain way for every-time you do something then it will have an effect on your mind and body, like if you are more prone to circulation problems or bone problems.

now there are couple of things you can consider when using L's posture.

1) what is your mentality(20-30% increase)?

-this will have an effect on your thinking power, if you believe yourself to be a genesis and apply your brain to complex problems and readings without getting discouraged when faced with complexity in this posture then essentially you are in effect increasing your intelligence.

therefore, L must have a mentality when he sit in this position-> like going into a separate state then when he in relaxed state. may be he is referring mentality to this...this is not similar to having a lucky bat or lucky pen. thinking is a complex action that is effected by every aspect of the body including posture.

2) blood flow(5%)-

-increasing blood flow is good for thinking. when sitting normally we do this by moving around, crossing legs*(and switching them, ect), the legs are a major problem in terms of blood-flow, bringing them closer to the heart by making the body compact is the reason for efficient bloodflow. the valves in the viens take less stress on circulatory system.

3) digestion(5%).....

yes sitting like this will help digest your food faster and expel waste from the body quicker... just try sitting like this when you have the urge for going to washroom and you will see how... smaller bladder and room for waste...

Sherlock homes refers to this to Watson....: food makes you think slower in short time frame...don't starve yourself of-course!

4) Concentration...

related to 1), mentality can increase concentration by reducing distractions...

(this posture only works for L, and certain people) -

for me i sit with one leg like L and the other crossed under by body... sitting exactly like L is not suited for my body..

- his posture is not comfortable for less flexible people.

5) Health

-if a posture is comfortable, it is probably less stressful on the bones... making you able to sit and think for extended periods of time without rest. if L sat in uncomfortable positions he would need to sleep more often due to being tried... so sitting in less stressful postures for longer period of time increases his thinking ability

put these factors together and you may get L thinking 40% better.. choose your posture in which you think 40% better... not necessarily his posture.


10 years ago

If you have normal and proper circulation your brain gets the amount of blood it needs to work properly.

If you sit in a position where your brain gets more blood than it needs you may actually loose some intelligence.